About Snowy Pheasant

snowy pheasant family 


Snowy Pheasant Illustration was born in 2012 to indulge in my love of drawing, illustrating and painting, all manner of things from wildlife to architecture. 

I paint in my studio at home overlooking fields on the edge of The Cotswolds, which I share with my husband, dogs, cats and two little girls, who also love to draw.  My studio is now stuffed full of prints, cushions, fabric and a ridiculous amount of packaging. Every spare moment I have between school runs and tidying up, is spent painting, drawing and 'trying' to run the business side of things. 

I take great pride in the fact that everything I make is completely painted or designed by me, and printed fairly locally in the UK. Artwork and cards are printed in Somerset, my potters are in Kent and the fabric is printed in Scotland. Everything comes back to me for sewing, or packaging and tying up with pretty ribbons. All the lovely people I use are small family run businesses which makes working with them such a pleasure. If you buy products from here, please know that you have helped to support a few little businesses for which it makes a big difference.

My background after leaving Art college studying 3D Design at De Montfort Univerity, acheiving a BA(hons) is in architectural drawing and interior design. I worked for 15 years in London within hotel interior design, and high end residential projects. My favourite bit was always the part where I got to draw plans and paint perspective visuals in the studio! After starting a family, I swapped the city life for a country cottage, and the scale rule for a paintbrush as I sought a more creative, freer outlet. I still LOVE architecture, and buildings, and I LOVE to take house portrait commissions. I also do a lot of pet portraits, I especially like to film time lapse videos of these, which are quite fun to watch. Many hours condensed down to under 60 seconds! I exhibit occasionally at local art fairs and sell online. I sell at local farm shops who share the same ethos, of selling produce from local craftspeople and makers. I hope that you enjoy browsing, gain lots of inspiration for presents and perhaps bring a little of the countryside into your own home.

Why the pheasant? I’ve just been drawn in by the vibrant colours and the plain sheer lunacy of them. To me they epitomise country living and the lifestyle to which I hope to be accustomed to!


Thank you for visiting! Anne-Marie