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Welcome to Snowy Pheasant!

Thank you for visiting my little shop! Lots of commission work has been undertaken this past year, these really have become extremely popular, and I have been having fun uploading the time lapses of these being painted, onto my instagram and facebook pages. Do take a look if you are interested. Many hours of work reduced to under 60 seconds!! 

I hope to get lots of new things painted this year, should time allow after commission work. These will probably be landscapes and lots more minis. My insects, birds and wildlife will be retired once they are sold, sorry, but its time to move on as I have limited studio space, and I am looking forward to going into a new direction.

Please do send me an email or use the contact form for commission pricing. It is hard to fix a standard price for these, they are mostly based on size, so its great if you have an idea on the size or budget and I can work around that! I look forward ti hearing from you.



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